Nash vs The Rest

Currently I don’t use Nash for everything as we’re still waiting on GA, I assume there are other community members who still user other platforms, I think it’s worth making a list of them and the reasons why;

FTX - best unique options & futures contracts with leverage
Binance - most liquid markets + most altcoin variety
Coinbase - only affordable fiat on-ramp available in my jurisdiction
KyberSwap - easiest interface for direct swap using hardware-wallet
Switcheo - can buy NEX tokens directly from my hardware-wallet
HotBit - they have a liquid NEXO market (also a security)
dYdX - because non-custodial leverage trading is cool

Post GA it looks like I wont need Coinbase so that’s a plus, after MPC user wallets are implemented I can stop using KyberSwap. Hopefully Ethan’s research leads to non-custodial leverage, futures and options so maybe by 2021 I can stop using FTX & dYdX. Nash listing NEX will remove the need for Switcheo and acquiring a securities licence will allow Nash to list NEXO and other securities removing the need for HotBit. Which just leaves Binance who have the most liquid altcoin market.

Hopefully moving forward Nash can turn all of the “Why Not’s” into reasons “Why” to use Nash (Self-custody aside of course)

I’m interested to see what the rest of the community uses when they’re not using Nash, if you have the time comment which other platforms you use and why.


Binance ofcource. Even though i dislike them, they have the coins, the liquidity and the trust with funds from people.
(Do not mistake this trust of funds with general trust, because i dont trust binance to be a legit fair company)

I also use other exchanges sometimes purely because a coin is on there. I traded energy web token for example.

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This project is a slow burner but they are doing things the right way. Fiat ramps, nash pay for retail traders like me that’s all im waiting for, oh and the ability to buy the token from our exchange, that is gonna boost the price as lots of people dont want to use a dodgy exchange

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I stopped using Binance some time ago. I still use Coinbase as a fiat on-ramp. I’m waiting to delete my account as soon as Nash’s fiat ramps are up and running.


Binance : Most liquid market Fiat on/off ramps (dubai/uae)
Primexbt: leverage copy trading
Switcheo: only to buy Nex

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Come on guys, lets get the ramps rolling, i need jst 1 exchange, tired of Binance, owned by scammers


I (like many of us) am eagerly waiting for the Fiat ramps. I hope they will be online soon because money is waiting on the sidelines. I have patience and I hope that I never have to use Coinbase again but if the fiat ramps are not live within a week then I fear that I will have to use Coinbase one last time. This money is destined to go through our matching engine :crazy_face:

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Nash is both an exchange and a clearing house
we will settle btc trades for a national lvl securities exchanges
we become one

Fortunately for us almost everyone (including some people within the Nash community) is completely unaware of this.

Nash. Trust Yourselves. -> Nash. The World’s Clearing House.

Whats a clearing house guy’s?

Definition here

Also CME brought out NEX group for $5.4 billion, a sign of things to come for Nash maybe…?

“Meanwhile, the group’s acquisitions juggernaut rolls ever onward: its $5.4 billion buyout of the UK’s Nex Group could allow the bourse to bring clearing of every leg of the US rates markets – spot, repo futures and swaps – under one roof for the first time, with the potential to unlock margin savings and operational efficiencies across them…”

A trading app. That is withholding me from using Nash more often. I have placed some BTC trades and have some pending orders on Nash, but for the quick trades I still use Binance on my phone (even though the app is super slow since a few months)

I know the app is coming, so that will be the moment for me to move some more of my funds from Binance to Nash. :sunglasses:

Aside from the exchanges already mentioned, I use:
Uphold for onramp.
Liquid for margin.
Bitrue and Kucoin for alts.
MXC to get bullied by bots while I try to buy NEX.

Once Nash is available in NZ my exchange habits will change.

Need them ramos adding…then i dont need coinbase / binance anymore