Nash UX writeup

Hello all,
Im new to the community; literally signed up today!
Most of what i want to know has already been mentioned:
Great to know that there will be a stop loss function and a plan to trade security tokens in the near term!

This isn’t very much related to the day to day operations of the exchange, but i was wondering if the UX designer of might consider writing a series of writeups on the UX design of the platform? As a burgeoning UX designer myself, im very interested in knowing the thought/design process of such a skilled UX process in this platform!

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


Love the idea. <3 This could be an added value as part of some ‘educational’ series for app makers looking to build applications on top of Nash using the API.
(Or in general as part of a content marketing strategy targeting app makers/developers/designers)

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Being new…i dont really know how things work. Would the team members see this…or do i have to tag someone or something?

We read the Community pretty closely :slight_smile:


Another good point. Being here from day one I also sometimes don’t know when tagging teammembers is appropriate and who to tag. Either way, even without tagging, the team usually picks it up.

For your post, you could for example tag:
@Nathaniel - Chief Design Officer
@carla - Chief Marketing Officer

You can go to the groups page to get a list of teammembers:
Some have their expertise in their BIO. If they dont, you could look it up through LinkedIn.

Or simply tag @canesin - Co Founder and currently the face of the the project (keynotes, interviews)

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Cool :slight_smile:
well if you guys do consider writing these articles, i’ll be sure to study them close !

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