Nash (Token) Listing - A Dedicated Medium article

Hello Nash’ers,

as the most frequent question since the beginning of the project Neonexchange was

When and where will be the Nex token listed?

I though it would be of advantage if the Nash Team would create a dedicated article about this topic where it answers the most frequent questions. I’d though about answering the following questions:

  • Why is NEX not listed on any exchange, especially at Nash(I knew, this is already answered in the FAQ)
  • Which regulatory hurdles are being faced
  • What are the possibilities which are currently being researched by the team (wrapped tokens e.g.)
  • Actual progress and plans for the future?

I would love to have a dedicated medium article which we can share whenever this q pops off.

Would love to hear the feedback from the community and especially the Nash Team.



Hear, hear!

I’d rather see an update on the achievements the team made so far, the functionalities of the platform today, the developtments under construction and the functionalities that are currently being researched by the team.

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I think this is a great idea. Nash obviously realizes that there is still no real legal way for us to buy this token at present. I can understand why they wouldn’t be in a rush to get it listed as they are still building out the exchange. My question would be: What is the Nash’s vision
for the future of the NEX token?. They must have an ideas as they are trying to bring value to it by this Yield mining stuff.

I think NEX is in a reasonably safe place right now not being traded on many exchanges. Especially given the current Nash exchange volume. Perhaps it is their intention to wait until they have completely built out the platform and do start getting the volume required to make it worth a bit more than speculation?. Then perhaps offer it to a big exchange that can legally trade securities. I’d imagine in the Crypto space most of these securities exchanges are still being built out themselves and are struggling with their own legislation when onboarding digital securities.

It’s well known many of these companies have started to leave the likes of Lichtenstein as they can’t get the regulatory compliance or are struggling with it. I have heard from a number of colleagues that they are constantly changing the goal posts which is causing difficulties. I think perhaps Nash got a little taste of that when they were trying to bring out NashCash. This really does show how early we are in this space and the hurdles the likes of Nash are facing. Yet Nash have still soldiered on and managed get it done.

Nash have created something game changing in the NEX Security token. I would just like to know what their vision is for it now in 2020 given all the changes in the regulatory space.

One of the big pulling points for me when I invested in NEX was that they were looking to offer Digital securities themselves on the exchange. Is this perhaps something that is back on the table given the time they have had to collect the historical data needed to apply for this?.

Anyway Nash. Keep on Trucking away. The road is long but the destination is coming and the view is going to be spectacular when you get there. You will then kick back and know you made it.


“One of the big pulling points for me when I invested in NEX was that they were looking to offer Digital securities themselves on the exchange.”

A direct hit, that is topic we need to know soon.


nice idea

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