NASH TOKEN...jst the start

Love how we can buy NASH on the exchange ,smart move by the team. I am also begining to see YouTubers starting to make videos about the project, as the project grows we will start seeing more of this, jst my thinking this morning.

Happy Friday Everyone :grin:


That’s all well and good but what we need is for people to massively start using Nash (new) services. These are the fundamentals. We as a community should do our part in promoting these new services and onboarding new users.

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That goes without saying but every project has to start somewhere, development may seem slow but the NASH team play by the book, our growth will be natural and last longer. Wait and see what happens when the space becomes regulated.

My point is just that I don’t like this focus on Nex price and that is all what people seem to talk about (not here but on Twitter, YouTube, etc). I wasn’t focused on Nex price at 0.60$ nor am I making a big deal out of 2.80$. The recent Nex price hike is merely a tool for me to better promote Nash services. We don’t have much from thousands of users that just used Nash for staking their Nex the same way we don’t have much from people trading Nex.

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Everyone is in it for different reasons but all off us will succeed in our goals is NASH succeeds. Me personally, I’ve been here since the ico and am here for the long term.


I’ve been here since Fabio headed CoZ and Nash/Nex wasn’t even an idea. Basically, I agree with you and I just don’t want people to have messed up priorities that contribute little to nothing to Nash growth.

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Its just the beginning but its a nice start. Apparently people value the new vision and direction. I can speak for myself, I am not so much interested in Token value, since when I was acumulating my 30K+ tokens they were valued at 6-8 Bitcoins approx at that point and I was also purchasing many in 2-3 USD range. The true value is revenue share and if I can somehow come to 10 - 15 USD per day in 3-6 months it would be awesome. Nowdays you get negative interest rates in banks in EU, so having 5% revenue per year is only comparable with best shares and their dividends.


Everyone is excited abt the new roadmap… We have 1 partnership announcement and people started to realise that this team means business… Wait till the end of the year and watch what that brings…

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Just can not believe my eyes about todays volume :slight_smile: It should get toward this every day. Nash is ideal for 2 whales to fix the exchange rate for large orders and execute them later on Nash exchange. This could be a great market fit @Kellogg

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Yeah, what happened today? Did Anton onboard some whales or is this a community referral, what’s going on?

Congratulations on this amazing achivement!


The takeaway from this is:

Volume will have ups and downs, but this event surely is reassuring.


With bots and arbitrage being such powerful tools for generating volume, will those be technically possible for the L1 wallet trading as well?

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Uniswap’s volume comes mainly from bots (arbitrage bots if I’m not mistaken), so L1 bots are definitely possible!