Nash thread on Bitcointalk forum

Just wanted to make Nash team aware that on CoinMarketCap your “Announcement” links to a Bitcointalk thread filled with incorrect information and fud, this particular thread has been read over 17,000 times. It’s also one of a number of Nash announce threads on Bitcointalk.

FYI for those that don’t know, Bitcointalk forum has more registered members than r/bitcoin. It’s still an important place being the forum that Satoshi himself created and many projects create official threads there.

If Nash will not make an official thread on Bitcointalk I suggest to at least have the announcement link on CMC removed. Or if possible have it linked here to the Community forum instead, seeing as a lot of people use CMC and may click on that prominent link.


*edit …Just checked CoinGecko and I see that it links to the same thread for BitcoinTalk.


shared with the person in charge