Nash, the world's only (non)-bank of the future. Will Nash become the world's default Forex broker as well?

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Global daily FX volume is equivalent to an entire months volume on the NYSE.
Forex trading fees are much lower than the current taker fee charged by Nash.


I appreciate everyone posting Telegram posts from the team here as I do not use Telegram lol.


There’s way too much to read trough on telegram 98% isn’t useful, the problem is there’s 2% of solid gold in there.
Good to know it’s appreciated.


There is a reason I’ve migrated back to this forum. Telegram is a cesspool

You can’t control ~1500 people, all with open access to write whatever they want. You’re not supposed to read through everything that’s written there, it’s exhausting. Strike up conversations with one or a few people, use @ to speak to them directly, and ignore all the other chatter. Or just pay attention to Nash staff when they’re talking to others.


It is also a lot less prone to centralization than equity markets.


It is looking like 2022/2023 will be when the major currency war of our lives will start:

digital USD vs digital RMB

Bitcoin, ETH, Euro and Swiss francs as runner ups …


I feel you, to much clutter.

The dream:

Nash is first to list those currencies.

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Sometimes I just don’t feel like waking up, I want to stay inside my dreeeeeeeams :grinning::+1:

Looks like there are others in the space that share your view on crypto and it’s similarities to Forex…

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