Nash telegram group

It would be good if the nash team categorically states that doesnt run the telegram group. The admins run very poor job. I follow it for the passed 2 weeks and I am not sure even if some of the admins are legit supporters. Not talking about critical discussions I am talking about pure fud and unapropriate behaviours.

Nash said more than once, that they don’t run any Telegram Groups and that they are not responsible for the content and sentiment of such groups.

If one is publicly doing such statements, I would rather prefer to underline such statements with proof (eg. Chat snippets).
Now if you expect Nash shall responds to that or even initiate sanctions/measurements or whatever, you just can’t expect that. They are NOT responsible for content within such telegram groups.


there are multiple unofficial NASH groups on telegram, im not sure which one your in but the one I’m in does a decent job of constructive discussion. It doesnt tollerate idiots and i’ve definately enjoyed reading and discussing things with the members over the last year. is the group, and i’ve definately seen a fair few community members from this forum in there on occassion.

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They have actively stated it and its part of the reason they created this community. But you cant keep the community from developing public groups outside. For some reason it’s become an “expectation” for crypto projects to operate and communicate using telegram, which may in fact be one of the most unorganized chat apps ever lol. I’m really glad to see this community get implemented and grow to where it’s at today.

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Can you elaborate on these inappropriate behaviours please?

anyone is probably feel free to create a telegram group (at least 6-7 nash unofficial groups i know exists and i am part of 4 of them) and define what should be discussed there… There is no telegram official group from telegram like all other traditional companies

@the-doctor just be specific mention the group, post the snapshot here, We as community are responsible for what is being shared on public,so we need to act in response to incorrect messages