Nash Statements Page Under 'Staking' Tab

Just wondering if it would be possible for people that have multiple stakes to have their multiple stakes dividend received consolidated into just one value per asset. Right now if you have multiple stakes you have a very long page with each token showing once per stake (for me 24 times). It would be nice if we could have, say, all 24 stakes show up as dividends received in total per day.

This is currently just a portion of the hard to read dividends page.


I am sure they are working on refining the overview.

They can add 1 more level of drill down. First show the dividend summary per coin for the day and on clicking it show the amount per individual stake.


This is sorta what I was thinking, exactly.

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Yes, this has been in the works and is a WIP as we speak. Fingers crossed and hopefully we will see it live this month :crossed_fingers: