Nash state defi


so using standardised contracts and state channels with no additional protocol tokens Nash can allow p2p cross chain lending/borrowing.

all tied back to price conditions dictated by Nash token price oracle …and other members of the “network”

allowing for shorting … leveraged longs from the borrowers and interest to be earned for the lenders of whatever assets they are idle hodling and not generating an income

im over simplifying … anyone else got any takes on this.

initial thoughts are 2/3 threshold sigs and security containment of loans inside the network of state channel participants

tl;dr we arent integrating with eth defi
but building out our own network of cross chain non custodial defi solutions off state channels


Building Nash’s proprietary DeFi solutions should definitely be a priority but for those DeFi solutions that can be integrated with Nash I think it’s worth the team spending the time working on integrations with 3rd party DeFi solutions and Dapps as it’ll help onboard users familiar with those services. Similar to listing assets with large active communities is the way to go so to should we focus on integrating with the DeFi solutions with large active communities where possible.

I wasnt suggesting proprietary solution … Just a network that allowed users of integrated wallets to lend thru the state channels Nash built … paired up with its price oracle feeds and non custodial liquidity matching system.

the current defi is still in alpha / beta

thanks for ur reply but … im not convinced that we should be pooling with other protocols

i do want to offer a service but this is a fee maker and we need our own for leveraged trading anyway … so why not build it out …?


If Nash can build a superior solution which is open to use that’d be the better option for sure.

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a few reasons to bust out on our own :

Grab that retail liquidity and feed it in to our own orderbooks over the our state channel set up

Nash could even deposit NEX tokens one day as collateral and grab a bunch of BTC if they need it in the order book… actually this is the premise of an idea to remove dependency on liquidity providers… algorythmic rebalancing of order book liquidity on the fly?

we can provide and source liquidity to other exchanges in our state channel network … another network effect driver…

actually we have a lot of products coming online that should service blockchain apps… damn


All non custodial wallets (and custodial) should be integrated to Nash State channels and ME with a limit < $1000

what are the challenges to the ^^ statement ?

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