Nash staking problem

Current separate staking model is very bad for small investors who buy 5,10,15 NEX because payouts are separately for each stake and small stakes sometimes gets nothing because they are too small for payouts. Nash ambassador said in may that he expect this to be fixed until the end of the may and now is July…

There is no woulme at NASH and we are not losing much money because of this but it should be fixed faster…

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I really do not understand what should be fixed here. If the amount of NEX staked is too low to earn any dividends than it is just a matter of volume. When volume rises also smaller amounts of NEX earns dividends.

Staking only 5-15 NEX is absolutely pointless anyway. What do one expect to earn with this?


How you don’t understand? If you stake 1000NEX and after that you buy and stake 15NEX and next month 10NEX,all staked for 24months, you will not get dividends for your smaller stakes. It should be bulk according to staked time frame. Do you understand now?

I understand but still do not see the issue. If you buy and stake 10 NEX you get dividends for 10 NEX which is little to nothing, depending on the volume.
So why stake those 10? Simply keep them until you got more after a few month to stake them all at once.
Edit: I do not think that we can expect a solution to add NEX to a running stake batch.


Hi @cicbar

Thanks for your message!

To further explain; all stakes generate a dividend, even small stakes. The frontend might show 0.00000000 dividend reward, but this is because we have limited space to display all decimal numbers. The dividend for small stakes is never zero, it is just small.

Here is an example of a dividend reward for a 5 NEX stake:
On the frontend it shows 0.00000000 BTC and $0.0000

But if you look deeper with the browser console, you can see the stake did generate a small reward. All small rewards add up to the total.

I hope this clears things up! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need further information.


That is nice