Nash Staking Contract Address! See how many Nex tokens are staked already!


Nice. That is 5% already and a large portion will probably never be staked because they are owned by Nash.

And 66% of my tokens waiting on the sidelines :wink:

Is this the 2-year contract? Combined contract or what?

I think this is the main address where all staked tokens are transferred to. Doesn’t matter how long the staking period is.

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4,642,697 NEX Tokens staked already. It’s going wel, good support!

It is unbelivable support if you ask me. Beyond any expectation from what I have seen before on many other projects

At least we are mooning somewhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

5M to 6M will take long time. Guess many tokens will be released after one month of staking finishes.

Already 5.4 million. 5,443,845 to be exact.

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New staking address:

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Someone just managed to send 3000NEX to the old address?

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Yeah, saw that. Pretty unfortunate mistake to make since it has to be unlocked by 4 out of 5 Nash founders. Not sure how you can make that mistake, since you’re supposed to stake using the staking tab, NOT send tokens directly to the staking address.

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sorry, did it the wrong way…
maybe Fabio can send it back to my address?


Hope you’re joking, mate.

One of our community members created a Nash Staking Dashboard where you can find all sorts of information about the established stakes, presented in a simple design.

Here is the link for the interested: