Nash Staking Analytics

Dear Nash team,

Congratulations on the launch of the MVP exchange. You have over delivered on certain aspects of the user interface, and easy accessibility. I also can appreciate the technical frontier pushed with this MVP.

I have a few suggestions for the staking function of Nash.

Would it be possible to show case some more granular data around what each of the stakes are doing, being presented as a dashboard for those of us that are interested? Brielfy:

  1. Ability to track payouts, according to volumes from exchanges (to validate and verify the right portions are being made)
  2. A simple staking calculator, with the current metrics from the exchange to get a high level idea what staking for different periods means (similar to many third party calculators that exist, but this should be focused on NASH and data only NASH would have access to)
  3. As part of the API suite, accessibility to this data externally for anyone that wants to track this on their own dashboard (I know I’ll be one of them).

If this becomes available I’ll look to create an application for the community that basically notifies of analytics around payouts, similar to how we get notifications on our phone from a banking app when a purchase is made, it’ll be like 'You’ve been paid! NASH dividends are XX, broken down by (cue image of pie chart)"

I’m a Data Scientist by trade, so would be happy to work with the team to make this happen! :slight_smile:



I’m glad @chiRal to have people like you in this group and we believe in nash. many of us don’t have the knowledge to support nash in application development, but your contribution to the whole community would be great. :nash_token:



At Least to create a visualization graph of the different stakes ( quantity) and expirations, as most have different stakes and want to make decisions related to future stakes at expiry.

@CedarCoin, @fabibi already put together a very sweet dashboard of the staking stats:

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@Nick the dashboard by @fabibi is very nice and shows the global NASH stake picture, but I was suggesting that NASH create an individual dashboard in the staking section showing our own active stakes/quantity/expiry to assist in making our future staking decisions.