Nash Staking Ability

(Nash Wizard) #1

Hi Community, I just had some questions about the staking ability of our nash tokens and was wondering if someone can provide a brief explanation about how it works and when we will be able to take advantage of this.

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(Adebiyi) #2

I also would like to understand this staking better

(Ikbinruig) #3

Not sure if you seen the Nash Exchange token page on the website yet:

I think it is pretty clear about what the staking will look like.

As to when it will be available, I’m pretty sure the team stated as soon as the settlement takes place on mainnets staking will be available. For now none of the planned stages of beta are settled on mainnets, so there is no point yet to enable staking. You can check the schedule for beta phases here:

Honestly, I don’t think even the team would be able to tell when settlements will start to happen on mainnets, since it will probably depend on how much feedback the beta phases produce and how much time it will take to make changes according to the feedback.

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(Adebiyi) #4

thank you for that