NASH Savings - cooperation with other non-custodial solutions?

Hi guys,

I mentioned this in the Telegram group but have received no answer from the admins - therefore I thought I will post it here too.

I came across another non-custodial “savings” solution named “UNAGII”. The link to their website / app is Unagii App. Basically they provide a nice UX to “link” your personal wallets (e.g. LEDGER) to common DEFI protocols (like curve) and while doing so they take care of harvesting / compounding etc. so that the user does not need to pay gas / has a hassle-free experience. For this service they take a fee of 10%. Their contracts have been audited by CERTIK (see link on the website) and more audits are pending.

Why do I post this?

1.) To me the UX of the staking / vault website is really nice - simple and intuitive. It might be interesting for NASHs development team to have a look at this - just for some inspiration.

2.) Maybe there is even room for a cooperation between NASH and UNAGII? E.g. maybe it would be interesting for NASH to use UNAGII’s products instead of developing a completely new product and in turn NASH receives affiliate payments from UNAGII by doing so.

Have a nice day guys!

P.S.: just put some USDC into one of these vaults to see how it works - apparently it does :-).