Nash’s first Cloud Trading Bot

Hi Guys,
I built a cloud trading bot platform. In last week I have been tested it with help of Nash Trading group’s members. Now I think cloud bots are ready to use for everyone.
First I would like to thank Nash Trading Syndicate group members and admins who help me to done this successfully.

This bots trades according to Bollinger Band signals. ( If price crossed lower bollinger band bot trigger BUY signal. If price crossed upper bollinger band bot trigger SELL signal. )

You can select strategy as DCA or GRID. Stop Loss orders are also supported.

Quick Guide,

  • Go here NashTradingBot and Sign In using your google account.
  • Go to settings and add your API keys.
  • Now you can create your first bot.

Due to resources limitation I have to limit maximum of two bots per new user. If you want to increase your bot limit DM me.
Join Cloud TradingBot group for more info.


This is what u want to see in the community… Keep going guys :slight_smile:


Been using it for some time now, it’s really great (with small profit!) and if more people join the more volume we can generate!


Amazing! Cheers and I will definitely take a look when I grab some time!


Awesome…i will try it today !!thanks


I’ve been helping testing the bot, and can attest that it’s working very smooth!


New Updates

  • Four new strategies added.
    :point_right: RSI - Based on RSI indicator
    :point_right: Maker - Place order on top of the order book and if it get filled, bot will place take profit order with your take profit percentage.
    :point_right: Maker-RSI - Maker + Risk management with RSI indicator. ( If price rapidly changing bots stop trading and wait till market to settle. )
    :point_right: Maker-Arbitrage - Maker + Risk management doing by comparing binance price and nash price. ( If nash price is much lower than binance price sell bots stop trading, cancel pending orders and wait. If nash price is much higher than binance price buy bots stop trading, cancel pending orders and wait.)

  • Dark theme added.

  • Daily leaderboard added

  • You can activate telegram notifications and select telegram notification preference on settings page.

  • Now profits calculate including fees.


Maker-arbitrage :heart_eyes:
This is exactly what I had in mind! Could you quantify what “much higher/lower” means? Is it a hard-coded percentage or something you can choose as a setting?


Hi, Sorry for late reply. Currently I hard coded it to 0.1% but it could be give as a option to set on settings… Do you think it better to allow users to change it?


New Updates

  • New strategy added
    :point_right: Taker-Arbitrage - Bot will compare Binance and Nash prices and trigger signals.
    If Nash’s best ask price is less than your arbitrage percentage of Binance’s price, UP (BUY) bots will place taker BUY order and after it filled will place maker take profit SELL order with your take profit percentage.
    If Nash’s best bid price is greater than your arbitrage percentage of Binance’s price, Down (SELL) bots will place taker SELL order and will place maker take profit BUY order with your take profit percentage.

  • Weekly leaderboard added.

  • Allow users to change the arbitrage percentage value in settings.

  • Last 7 days user’s volume chart added to website.

PS: Currently two arbitrage based strategies I have added to cloud bots.
Maker-Arbitrage - If nash prices far away from binance prices remove buy or sell walls and help to move the price.
Taker-Arbitrage - If nash prices far away from binance prices place taker orders and move nash prices.
I strongly believe if more users can run bots with these two strategies (Mainly Taker-Arbitrage bots ) it really help to maintain and move the Nash prices with other exchanges.


New Updates

  • Cross exchange arbitrage added
    - It use binance margin account for arbitrage trading.
    - You can select takeprofit as only parameter ( you have to consider about fees when choosing takeprofit)
    - Bot check both binance and nash order books. If binance price and nash price gap is greater than your take profit. Bot place taker base order on nash and if it filled bot place take profit order on binance as market order.
    - If your binance margin account don’t have that trading asset bot will automatically borrow it and complete the trade. ( you need funds in your binance margin account as collateral. )

    • To run Binance-Arbitrage bots first you have to add binance api keys in settings.

    • After you add binance api keys, you can select Binance-Arbitrage strategy when bot creating.

    • Buy bots only buy at nash and place take profit sell orders on binance. Sell bots sell at nash and place take profit buy orders on binance.

    • So it is better to run both buy and sell bots in same market to not stuck with one asset. If you running bots in both directions, sell bots sell asset brought by buy bots and then bots can continue trading, so then you don’t need to transfer funds between two exchanges.

    • But as this use binance margin account it will borrow asset if your binance account don’t have to perform trade. You have to pay interest for your borrowings. But interest is about less than 0.05% daily. After that when opposite direction trade happen bot will repay that previously borrowed amounts automatically.

    • Profit calculate including both binance and nash trading fees. But for volume only nash volume calculates.


Here I have loss in some bots that is because of I am using 0.2% as take profit and which is less than my fees. But overall I have profit from all bots.


I’m running 1 of the bots and it works great!! His bots combined did 1 million dollar volume yesterday alone. Guys, lets all give this man thumbs up and support were you can: Send him some NEX or NEO for maintenance and updating (I did :slight_smile:)


By the way, I made 100K volume this week (using bots) with a bit of profit (including fees excluding rewards and dividend). So even without the liquidity program you can put your crypto to work and create free liquidity for NASH.

More Liquidity means more exposure means more users = More Liquidity which means more exposure means more users = EVEN MORE Liquidity which means more exposure means more users = MOON and LAMBO’s with Nash logo’s for everybody :slight_smile:

Use all available bots and put that crypto to work people!!


Some feedback about taker arbitrage strategy:
I dont know, maybe i’m doing something wrong, or this is a “bug” . But if my limit buys only partially filled, they treated by cloud bot as canceled… and i need to manually set sell orders on this partial quantity…


Hi @Lepych, I will fix it.


New Updates

  • Option added to set multiple active extra orders.

  • Order size of binance-arbitrage bots changed to max order size. Bots will choose order size based on the order book and available funds in the account.

  • Option added to create duplicate bots.

  • Noia markets added.

  • Now estimate rewards are showing in the leaderboard.


Is there any guide to using your bot? I’d like to dive into bot trading and help boost liquidity/volume on the exchange but have zero experience.

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Here is a Telegram group for assistance and support regarding the bot trade;

Hey Ya’ll

I see you all are banding together for nash league.

Was just wondering if there is a minimum money required to trade? Also, is it easy for a total newbie to use this bot? Is there a tutorial? Thanks.

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