Nash Referral program fairness ?!

Imagine some guy who registered , haven’t sent his link to anybody and yet it’s out main winner. Some people paid alot to adversite their REF link & for example got 1000 people on board and end up with No prize.
Is it really fair ?

read terms of the lottery. if you dont agree to them dont participate. simple


indeed. That is the same as a lottery, some one who has one ticket, can win the Jackpot of 1 million. Some one who has 1000 tickets and put a lot of effort in it, can win nothing… That’s how it works. The guy with more tickets has more chance… But it is not guaranteed :wink:

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the only thing i am happy about is even though some one did not share his refferal link but he still won. I think he deserves it as he is an early investor in Nash and is in our community.


It’s a smart move from Nash, actually. Because even though I know I can never have the top 50 of most tickets, I’m still motivated to share links because any single ticket can win the lottery.

Otherwise I (and most of us) would’ve stopped sharing already.


I know some of the top promoters already stopped advertising.
They were not aware of lottery mechanism

Well it’s a good thing in my opinion. Maybe it will teach them a lesson to read stuff carefully (or at all :grinning:).
People should take more responsibility for their own actions.
I know, sounds obvious, but you know…

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This is precisely how it is supposed to work. What would be the point for those of us with no youtube/social media following to even bother if there was zero chance we, or anyone we signed up, could win? Having more tickets definitely increases your personal odds, but every ticket has the same chance to win.


Dictionary result for fairness



  1. impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination.

“part of my role is to ensure fairness to all parties”

Random is always fair, fiar tickets mean equally standing tickets. It cannot be fairer than that.


You know what’s not fair?

Being given a chance to win tens of thousands of dollars for doing almost nothing. If you have a set of parents, you can easily obtain six chances by signing each one of them up in less than a few minutes; the ticket activation requirements are minimal too.

There’s also no guarantee a person who spends thousands of dollars will win; the grand prize winner can be somebody who didn’t refer anyone. That’s not fair!

I don’t see your point. You feel that someone who goes to more effort and gets more signups should have a greater chance to win? They do. Is it guaranteed? Absolutely not. Every ticket has the same chance to win. The more people you sign up, the more tickets (aka “chances”) you get. I’m not sure I understand how you think this isn’t the definition of fair.


I would share the link as an Investor, even if there was no BTC and NEX giveaway



Win 15.000 NEX

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Love nash.

Perhaps you haven’t looked at it correctly. It is absolutely fair! If you were to buy tickets for any lottery there is always the luck of the draw that the person that only bought one ticket wins. You just have a better chance if you have more tickets in the draw! We have over 30 great prizes to win, odds are better than any lottery here in Canada even with one ticket only!!

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30 great prizes…

and… 4 very very great prizes!