Nash Referral Contest Winners

I have reached out to the team but haven’t received any response. When will the prize claim emails be sent out to all the referral winners? The original winnings emails said you’d be in touch in the coming days but that was 1.5 weeks ago. @canesin @ethan @carla

(sigh) Ready when ready.


I think they are working on something VERY BIG. Wait for few months, maybe next quarterly report and hope if they give some info.

I haven’t received any mail yet for the payout… I hope they fixed the BTC amount at the time of the draw because we will not get much if they wait months… I wrote to them about it, they normally respond within 1 day but no answer for one week now…

Per the T&C of the giveaway BTC is pegged at time of payout so the higher BTC pumps the less value in “BTC” you get. NEX is the fixed integer amount so no peg needed.

I’ve ask the support guys the same question a few days ago and the answer was that they are finalizing the referral claims on the system and it would be ready soon. I also had the same question about if the BTC prize was locked on the draw date or based on the date you claim it but they couldn’t answer this and said they would get back to me.

I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful for getting a prize, I’m really happy to get something and I also understand that the draw happen during the xmas/ new year break so they could have been under resourced but on our side waiting like this is a bit stressful especially when you see the price starting to pump in the last few days.

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i don’t think you need to stress about bitcoin pumping. it’s just as likely to perform a nose dive in the other direction… in which case you may end up with more bitcoin.

even with the halving approaching in the coming months, most are predicting a sharp rise in value. considering this, i wouldn’t be surprised if bitcoin is over-valued at this point and moves downward.

Just wanted to provide a quick update, I provided my addresses to the team and the transfer should happen in the next couple of days so it will be shorted out soon.

@DailyNexEater thanks for you reply, I’m not expecting the price to skyrocket but I will just feel better once I get those in my wallets :wink: