Nash promotion idea

I was wondring, is it possible for Nash to make a promotion when the exchange starts which goes as followed:

“Start staking for two years in the first two months of the exchange opening. And join a prize pool of $100.000 (or a Tesla, inspired by justin sun)”.


hahaha, Tesla, good one.
Nash is that good, that nash doesn’t need a promoion idea like that.

Nash will likely not give away tesla’s to (basically) pump the price like JS is doing.

Nash team already has marketing sets ready for exchange launch :slight_smile:

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I like this idea, get 1 ticket per 100nex locked for 2 years or something would be interesting.

Why should they do this? Nash has no advantage if you stake your token. :thinking:

Not true, they hold tokens as well so price increase through scarcity would benefit them too.

I don’t think we need promotion like that for the NEX token. We all would benefit most if marketing is streamlined towards the exchange and trading volume, not the actual token

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