Nash Poster

In my spare time, I decided to give designing a shot. I put together a Nash poster (11" x 17") using elements from Here’s what I was able to piece together – any thoughts? I’m still working on the lower 3rd of the poster so it’s cut off. To be included though are App Icons (Google Play + Apple Store) & maybe some popular crypto icons (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc) for that glance value. I was considering printing out a handful and pinning them up around my city (legally :stuck_out_tongue:) when Nash launches in Canada and trading is live.

I am by no means a designer, nor do I have any experience with InDesign. Any tips are encouraged! This whole experience has been fun though – designing is really cathartic lol. Put on some tunes, get to work, and forget about workplace stress.


Maybe add a QR code that someone can scan to download the app or something, or the website URL


For sure. I’ve already played around with a QR platform and generated a few different codes:

  • App Store code
  • PDF code (opens the Nash Brochure found @
  • Sign-up page code (with my referral if I’m feeling a little saucy)

I’m leaning towards the app store code though. A referral baked into a poster comes off as…gauche, imo. But I’ll play it by ear. If Nash volume is off the charts when they arrive in Canada, my greedy side may choose the referral sign up. We’ll see!

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As a fellow Canadian also waiting for Nash to launch in Canada, I support this. :+1: