Nash: possible use cases

Coming closer and closer to the launch of the platform I’d like to think and discuss about possible use cases. As far as I understand nash is not just a DEX - nash want to be more - a platform for financial services. From this perspective the DEX will be just the first product to empower the platform.

When I think about what nash will provide us users, the following stuff is coming in my mind:

  • DEX: decentralized trading, user have the custody over their coins while they are trading

  • Payment solution: traditional companies (supermarket, tabacconist, restaurant, taxi drivers, …) can accept listed coins from nash for their products and with an API the DEX will convert the Crypto to stable money (USD, EUR, USDC) for them

  • Token Indexes: With regulatory approval nash can create their own indexes where more coins are gathered together and people can invest in it.

  • dApp support: a lot of dapps have their own native currency which must be used for their products, with an API nash can enable a automatic conversion in the background to use the product, no matter if you hold ETH, GAS, BTC, … --> Currency from the dApps must be listed for automatic conversation

  • Tokenization: Bring stocks on the blockchain and allow them to be traded on the exchange. With the security trading license this will be a huge step.

  • Mass staking: with the nex token there is already a token on the platform which need support for staking. In the future more and more coins with the option to stake them will appear. Staking all coins at one platform will lower the barrier of staking

  • Crypto debit card: I think this one is self describing, a card which can be used to spend your crypto

  • Storing solution: A save solution where users can store their coins. Something like a wallet from nash, maybe with hardware wallet support.

  • OTC Trading: nash can offer an OTC trading tool. Maybe the tool can also be used for unlisted or non fungible tokens (thinking of gaming support)

  • ICO/STO Offerings: nash can support projects to make their offering with the nash platform.

Most of these points were already mentioned somewhere in the forum. I wanted to gather them and give a brief overview. Maybe I have missed out some.

What are your opinions on them? Which will give nash the most benefit, which should be integrated as soon as possible? Are there other use cases that are not mentioned and you want to share? I’d love to have some discussion here.


These two are most powerfull thing for the Nash Exchange in the future!


Tokenization is a biggy too.


agree with both @fvivif & @bunder… those 3 are probably the most interesting ones… when you take it from other angle what really matters is vision… Nash has have it since day one… It wasn’t just about the DEX… They are building much bigger fish and I think this is the DNA and main motivation of the team… to be part of a revolutionary product… I hope and wish the team and all of us that we’re right with assumptions… not because of enrichment, but because of technology… I’m enjoying to watch Nash closely as well as SpaceX for example… Those 2 companies make my day everyday