Nash Poker

Good Morning, Friends

Just had a spontaneous idea as i am looking for some new stuff to do connected to nash .(my bots are running and dont consume a lot of time anymore).

As i am a huge pokerfan would it be technicallly possible to have a decentralized poker platform build on top of nash? Would love to play against other community members ;). Further it would maybe attract more users as well.

As said just some spontaneous brainstorming.

any inputs?



Count me in. :wink:

Hold’em NL :sunglasses:

I am not a player but, will be open to use some of my dust dividends and kick some all inn. You will not see my face to see if I am bluffing :grin:

maybe we can make videostream as well :slight_smile:

no seriously we would need somebody with programming skills to realize it. Would be really cool…if somebody is able to do something like that, maybe we can fund him a bit with nex token. I would take part in funding for such a project!!

Get in touch with @Oldsport who developed Nash Casino;