Nash people don't realise it

(Nashrimpy) #1

I think the People don’t realise how huge this new name is.
I mean Nash sounds a lot better than Neon. And our beloved NEX ticker stays like it is. Nash Exchange (NEX) is the right decision for the future. And the future users will not even know that it was once called Neon Exchange.

(Nashrimpy) #2

Only I think this design animation should be maintained. This looks really professional and simple. I really liked it at NEX

(Lavalamp) #3

i agree Nash is amazing

(Rory) #4

According to the Medium article they won’t be going back to this isometric style. They’re opting for something more rounded and approachable.

(Dan) #5

The lower case rounded font looks more professional and sleek. They should stick with in my opinion.

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(Peter) #6

Like that you’re open minded about the name change.

Obviously this comment is directed more at the others who are so resistant to change but let’s see what the new branding is like before attaching ourselves so much to old designs.

There’s some irony in people invested in blockchain tech, being so resistant to change.

(Aryatara) #7

A name is just a name at the moment, like an apple is just an apple, but the marketing makes the difference. Hope we see something soon @carla

(Vic9t) #8

When I look for Nash on my French google it says that it is a disease impacting the liver that is caused by soda xd… It is right that it look like Dash to me, and it will be weird on Coinmarketcap to see Nash and Dash close to each other :wink: If in the future this name do not please the team, they can find something good quite close to Nash, like Nesh for exemple (look like mesh, which is kinda cool for an algorithm linking nodes on a network), but I understand that it is difficult on the legal side of things. Still nice to see some progress coming from the team!

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(Nick) #9

Too bad that I can only like this comment once.

(Pplvee) #10

I’ve been itching to echo this comment, Peter. The amount of shortsightedness in this community is appalling. To think that people are so attached to Neon Exchange simply because…I don’t even know why? Because it’s what they bought into during the ICO? Because it’s what they told their friends and family about? It’s absolutely BEYOND me how so many people can have such negative kneejerk reactions from a rebrand that is – simply put – absolutely fine. Christ, people are acting like they rebranded to AIDS or ISIS.

At the end of the day, rebranding will have a minimal impact on the overall success of the company. How well they pull off marketing, talent onboarding, and obtaining licenses are the three main factors to spreading worldwide, imo.

Those of you who hate the Nash rebrand, I will gladly buy your NEX off you. PM me.

(Nicefox) #11

Nash, nex, or anything I am a big fan of the project, team , vision. The only bad feeling I have is, and are registered to someone else.