Nash Payments: Seemless Integration error

(Hypotheticalidentity) #1


Copy error. FYI. @chris.fenwick

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(Chris Fenwick) #2

Weird, this wasn’t there before. The issue is to do with links in those sentences: the words “Nash Mobile” and “Nash Extension” (which should be links) have disappeared. I’ll alert the developers!

EDIT: fixed and will be visible soon with next update. Thanks for pointing this out!

(Cheesedonkey) #3


Noticed small grammar mistake: ‘lets you to’. :slight_smile:

(Alex) #4

What is the correct wording ? Beiing not native english I wouldn’t know whats wrong here… teach me :wink: is it the word ‘to’ that shouldn’t be there ?

(Cheesedonkey) #5

Yeah could remove the ‘to’ and it will become ‘lets you buy’. Or could remove the ‘lets’ and add something like ‘enables’ or ‘allows’. Either would work :slight_smile:

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(Chris Fenwick) #6

Thanks for spotting the error. Things like this sometimes crop up when you change the wording of the sentence. (I think it used to have “allows you to…”).

(Greekscreamer) #7