Sorry if i sound a bit naive but with Nash Pay will i be able to go into a normal physical store like McDonald’s for example and pay using the NASH app?

No, that won’t be possible in Nash Pay’s first version.

The initial vision is to make paying using crypto possible on e-commerce website. This means:

  • For merchants: accepting crypto payments in a safe and quick manner while getting paid in the currency of their choice (thanks to Nash’s ME), be it fiat or crypto.
  • For buyers: well… paying online with crypto - which is in itself an achievement - but doing so with a great buying experience (quasi-instant, safe, I imagine also flexible to whatever assets you have in your trading contract)

For Nash Pay to gain traction, it must first be implemented on a broad network of online stores, which is why Nash team is focused on incentives for merchants for now.

In other words, you’d be able to buy yourself a Happy Meal :fries: using Nash the day McDonald’s implements Nash Pay on its online platform!


I look forward to the day I can purchase my daughter a happy meal from Maccas using Nash Pay! :heart: (On very rare occasions… that stuff is no good for you!! ha!)

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Thank you for the detailed explanation, it really is appreciated. In the future I hope a day will come when we can make purchases with the app regardless of what the merchant is using. In any case this is great news for main stream adoption :blush: