Nash Pay - Thoughts

So I did a little digging, went through a few onboardings.

Currently Shopify seems to have 4 crypto payments providers, as documented here. Only Coinbase commerce and Bitpay look decent.

User experience

Tried checking out using Bitpay on this website (Recommendation from another Nash user. Big in Germany apparently):

I couldn’t find a website which offered Coinbase commerce as a checkout option, however I did find this walkthrough from 2 years ago.

In both cases, it still looks a bit painful, since after you’ve reached the QR code, you still have to make the actual payment. Moreover if it’s in Bitcoin, it could take a few minutes. So there’s definitely room for improvement.

I think Nash solves the payment long delay issue with its implementation of the lightning-network-like solution for BTC, right? If so, could be big for adoption.

In any case, the ultimate goal should be:

On Desktop

  • Log in to Nash or scan a QR code from Nash app
  • Select whichever crypto you want to pay with
  • Click “Pay”

On Mobile

  • Click on “Pay with Nash Pay”
  • Nash app opens (or you’re prompted to download it from your OS’s store…)
  • Select whichever crypto you want to pay with
  • Click “Pay”

Merchant onboarding/Integration

This is where I feel Nash can outplay competition the most. Shopify could be great to kickstart everything, but IMO it won’t replace a great developer ecosystem (top-notch documentation, forums, hackathons, etc). I believe Stripe’s success should be a source of inspiration to Nash in many ways.

Coinbase commerce has a pretty good merchant onboarding flow:

Their documentation looks ok-ish:

I guess I don’t have any question, just wanted to document what I’m researching while trying to figure out Nash’s key competitive advantages, and possibly inspire some other constructive feedbacks.


I really think that with nash pay, all settlements ( sends / receives ) will be happening inside the trading contract on both sides , merchant and client.
So insta sends and yes even with bitcoin and very very low fees if any.

Given that no one is doing that atm i guess it will be just a no brainer to use nash for merchants and clients ^^

But that would require the user to have funds in his trading contract…

Hard to explain to a random user when it’s that technical. Moreover it kind of defeats the purpose of keeping your funds safely in a wallet (even though I know that Nash doesn’t have control over our funds, even in the Smart contract).

Sooo i asked a bit around and i was told that the client doesn’t even need to have a nash account and he can send from any wallet so maybe it’s better to wait for an official answer on how nash pay works in details and under the hood, or not because it’s a secret ^^

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Now that nash pay is closer upon release, maybe someone of Nash could already explain a bit how nash pay works?

As for @Oldsport, i’d imagine that its technical now and weird to have funds in the trading contracts, but some simple UI changes and we can call them state channels, or pay channels, or pay/trade channels. Or simply Nash Channels.
Then it makes more sense to have funds in there.

I really hope it works through those channels to speed up transactions. It would allow nash pay to even work to pay for a coffee. :coffee:

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