Nash On Pancake Swap

Why is Nash not Going to Binance Smart Chain ? On Pancake Swap?

There was an AMA on the Gains telegram channel today. Chris confirmed the following:


As for the reason, I cannot answer for the team, but my guess is that building a bridge to another chain takes time and the team would rather spend it on building and consolidating the current product offering. The above may have a positive impact on the price of NEX, but Nash team is after sustainable growth: short-term price is irrelevent in that sense.

On a personal note, what you’re suggesting is appealing: we all feel that Nash is undervalued and gaining exposure on a high-volume low-fee exchange in an ecosystem known for hype would likely result in a pump. That being said, I’d still rather get the banking services (and other cool features on the Nash roadmap) released as soon as possible, rather than spending time on a bridge just for the sake of price appreciation.