Nash on Coinmarketcap

(Badanzer) #1

Not sure if the Nash team applied, but we are listed on Coinmarketcap :grin:

(Crypto King) #2

Many people will now be aware of nash.

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

can we please get the logo for coinmarketcap changed to the NEX ticker

(Alex Dmd) #4

Also Reddit seems to be pointing to an outdated channel
should be

(Hatertots) #5

Nash team did not apply likely, but CoinMarketCap didn’t want to miss the opportunity to list the token!

(Isunil) #6

This is a great news! Once the nash team provides them with correct circulating supply details, and if we are in the top 100 coins, we are gonna get some good amount of visibility.:wink:

(Vsevolod) #7

Thats bad news and Fabio already pointed out why

(Olu ) #8

Since it has now been listed, I think Fabio/Nash has to make sure CMC is using the right data.
There’s no point wailing about it because that’s not going to make CMC delist it.

(Nexx0r) #9

He pointed out why it could be bad, but as long as it won’t come to this situation, it’s a good thing. :smiley:

(Ant0ni081) #10

and what was pointed out? why a bad thing?

(Neogasrpx) #11

Anyways, now that it’s there we might just as well make sure they are actually displaying correct information. Fabio stated they wouldn’t take the initiative to be listed on CMC at this point, apparently someone else did, but it’s in the teams best interest to make sure whatever they show is correct.

(Adebiyi) #12

Great news!

(Njb) #13

Because we’re on Switcheo now.