Nash mobile app structure

Hi guys,

As you may have read, Nash is going mobile first.

Nash already has a strong mobile app but, without presuming of what the team has in mind, it could be interesting to know where the community stands on the following questions:

Should Nash have an all-in-one app or 1 app per product?
  • all-in-one app
  • 1 app per product (exchange, wallet, payment, card,…)

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How would you feel about Simple mode*?
  • Yes, please! I was lost first time I opened the app.
  • Meh, I like seeing all my options from the start.

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 * : Simple mode (wallet + buy/sell) would be the default. Advanced mode (wallet, buy/sell, exchange, staking, etc.) could be enabled from your profile.

Please don’t hesitate to express your constructive opinion below :pray:


For the second question I voted: “Yes, please! I was lost first time I opened the app”. I have to add that I didn’t really got lost the first time. However, I do think it is important to have a simple app, especially as more features get added. And I kinda liked your suggestion with simple and advanced mode. But both options do not exactly fit in my case just to be clear :slight_smile:


I always like Apple’s design features. Their apps are always clean and intuitive; Limit the amount of information and options to change your view unless you’re really going deep into the settings


Same for me

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I’d like to have the user a choice. The simple mode should be turned on by default, to lower the entry barrier for new users. If the new user get’s more familiar with the app he can turn to the advanced mode and lock it for the next start. So the two choices would need to come with that “lock” feature for convenience, otherwise users would need to change every time they open the app. (…and there should definitely a dark mode available :smile: )


This is my thought process as well :+1:


I think we need 1 app for all.
I don’t need apps for each thing, and end up with 10 apps from one company.

Do all in 1 app.

However in my opinion there should be button or something in the app to switch from basic to advanced mode.

  • Basic mode should include banking part of the app like cards, ibans and everyday mobile banking we used every day + basic market crypto purchase + wallet to see what you own.
  • Advanced mode should be just advanced trading, and nothing else.

It is very important for the app to be simple and easy to understand.

We do not want for people who install Nash for the first time and get lost in the app.


Simple & Advanced mode should be presented side by side fir me to choose, when I first open the app.

One of my friends from Spain doesn’t know English, he understood how to use Coinbase but he couldn’t figure out how to use Nash app ( just to buy crypto )
So if we manage to design it in a way that understanding just “buy/sell” will give me what I want, would be great :handshake:. ( simple with no unnecessary questions )

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Hello everybody,

I have no idea whether the topic is still up to date, but since it was recently discussed again, I wanted to give my own personal feedback.

I think the “plus button” has not yet developed its potential.
I NEVER use it.

I interact with the different coins in my wallet by tapping them.

This button could lead to various other areas.
Such as:

  • Nash Banking (Future),
  • Newbie Version (I have detailed ideas if u like to hear ist)
  • Pro Version
  • QR-Code is fine