Nash mentioned on Bankless

An awesome YouTube channel called Bankless mentioned NashSocial when talking about DEX volumes. Video thumbnail might look a bit odd like from one of them shilling channels but they just relay news and help make some technical things easier to understand. They’ve had Vitalik on several times i believe and also breakdown his blog posts to make them understandable for the average Joe with less technical knowledge.

They say they’d never heard Nashsocial but hopefully they’ll be looking into it now as well as people that listen/watch the video.

Link below includes the timestamp for those that do not wish to watch the whole video.


Nash has done very poor marketing so far regarding spreading the news about tech. Don’t know where do they see Nash fit in but i hope they will start good marketing soon. Community is not rising cause we can’t pass 3K users on telegram for some time now. And most of people in crypto never heard of Nash

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Do you think this is by design or that Nash doesn’t know how to market?

I think they didn’t have the right person for it. This is why they hire Kellog and searching for another marketing person.
It’s hard to watch such tech and team not being appreciated in crypto world. For me it’s hard to watch all other project moving on while Nash is standing still. I am here form ICO and my patients is running out slowly.
Nathan and Fabio are advisors in Elrond which did great job as tech project and also as seen in crypto world project. We had some minor marketing efforts but it all stays in our small community. Just my 2 cents on this. I am emotional about Nash which is not good in world of investment

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I don’t invest if I am not emotionally attached. This is the only way to invest for me, so definitely is something that I consciously choose :wink:

Now we have @Kellogg , things are going to change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t think they’ve done bad marketing, especially from a design perspective. Sure there’s improvements to be made.

Maybe timing of releasing the ICO, timing of releasing product(s) is part of it. Also the fact they’re taking the longer route in terms of following regulations, design, development means things may move slower but hopefully in the end will mean a better product.

I also feel if it was a project that came out of Ethereum like some of these other projects the community may be larger.

In terms of price, it is what is is. Myself put money in from the start and am no doubt down a decent amount but that’s the risk we all take investing in the cryptocurrency space.

Having said that am still confident in Nash :heart: