Nash Meetups in India

Hello Nash Team,
I want to know your thoughts on hosting meetups in India.
With other Dex making Progress in promoting their product like Binance dex has team of Binance angels here in India with core job to promote Binance and they are hosting meetups in multiple parts of India & Bitmax doing something similar, with Nash obviously being better Dex than the current & some upcoming Dex, as an Investor/Event Organizer i am concerned about where Nash stands on hosting meetups. We host meetups across all Major cities in India, We only host good projects and Nash is on our list. If you are planning to host meetups In India sometimes in near future please notify us, do let me know your thoughts.
Thanks in Advance.


I like this.

From what I gather on youtube and the telegram group, there is quite a lot of support for Nash in India.

Why not host some community-led meetups to gather/gauge interest in Nash? I believe the team is quite focused at the moment on delivering product so it may not be at the forefront of their priorities.

If you or others from the community could organise meetups please share photos and/or videos from these events.

I’d also like to see if we can get one in the UK going; The quarterly event in London is coming up in April so I’ll gauge interest then.


thats treally good ideas to educate people in india about nex.

Binance is doing meetup in every big city twice in a month. nash should promote their product and project in 8 big cities. i am looking foward to join this meetup.

India is a huge and really important market in my opinion.
Promoting Nash far and wide in India - organizing community meet ups and proliferating the Nash products, is something that could be managed/organised/led by a community member based locally there - it doesn’t necessarily even need the guidance of the Nash team.
This is why we are here.


Awesome idea. I’d really love to see what Nash Team has to say about this


Its a good idea and probably the team is aware of it. But I think the team is focussing on delivering the product first. It is important to note that when comparing with Binance, Binance has recently started hosting meetups around the world. They first concentrated on delivering the product and then engaged further with the community. Team Nash is doing the same and I’m sure once the product is released and gains traction, they will host meetups to engage with the community. They already are engaging with the community through this portal which is first of a kind for any Crypto project. Binance is copying NASH for that matter. :sunglasses: and I’m sure they will come up with more innovative ways to stay in touch with the community and Binance will be at it copying NASH again. ONE STEP AHEAD :smiley:

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I have the same though too.

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Indeed, It’s a great idea to raise awareness and I also want to see some event like Hackathon, workshops, etc. Where we can learn and teach others too. I request Nash team to look into this. @canesin @ethan @AvidNash

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