Nash Logo represents or seems copied from the Dash Logo

Not criticizing or been negative here.

First of all congrats to the team for the presentation and there hard work especially working hard on obtaining licenses, which others have not yet achieved. :muscle: , and i loved the re-branding to Nash, which was need to be done either ways now or in the future.

But what i didn’t liked was the Logo change, it would have been better if they have kept the old NEX :nex_logo: logo, it was quite strong and capital letters always looked bold, whereas the Nash logo is quite awful like a Dash clone, i mean seriously who designed this the new logo??? didn’t the team cross checked with existing projects out there.

Could the team please comment on this as the below designing of the Nash logo is circulating and quite creating buzz.



This is really a disaster, and the name “NEX” is so common to change it.

And go to such a low logo,what the so cheap logo same with dash!what the fxxk design!

by the ways,why not btc markets?The road map has been delayed for so long, now even no btc markets?It was a bad conference last night.

No this is not a disaster. It’s a needed name change as the nex name was already used by, which is a financial company too.

So I agree with OP’s message. Congrats to the team, powerfull work there !

About the logo, I kind of agree. However this won’t be an obstacle to futur growth IMO. Moreover I guess it can be refined in the future.

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Time for my first post here.

Du you have any propositions how to integrate BTC right from the start? Feel free to apply, they always look for good people.

Regarding the logo I am 50:50. Although I can understand all obstacles that lead to the decision, I woder why they didn´t just change the “E” in “NEX” for an “A” (It may still be to similar).

Anyways, the decision has been done and it would be awful to change now again, so we will need to get used to it.

edit: I really like the new name, though. “Nash” sounds like liquidity, flow. “NEX” sounds like a piece of something.

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The new name / logo is great imo. If you spend the time to view the Q4 pres you will understand why it was changed too. Personally, I think your Dash logo ‘design’ point is slightly exaggerated …

I think the new nash logo looks great, definitely more in tune with the mainstream consumer, the NEX logo is visually far more rooted in the ‘crypto’ aesthetic. Putting that aside I am seriously impressed that the team has seemingly hopped over this giant hurdle without breaking a sweat. Having to change your entire brand identity is a huge thing, my confidence in the team (as positive as I already was) has grown substantially.


I think you do not understand branding, it’s a very complex and time intensive job. This rebranding was (maybe unfortunately) needed right now but will make us stronger in the future!


I think the logo needs to be changed again because it doesn’t look appealing. Maybe have a community thread of different nash logos? And maybe the best one will be used :ok_hand:

I think the logo is fine, and the community needs to stop assuming they know what’s best for Nash. Maybe have a community thread on how best to spread Nash? And maybe we’ll all benefit from that instead of useless complaining?


as it stands , nash logo is unique, there may be similarities with other logos, who cares. If I see nash logo, i will now be able to recognize without any difficulties

The team might not know what’s best too. Good to let the community help out if we can to help nex succeed. Just like antshares back in the day. The community helped them decide to rebrand to neo. I personally like the old logo… But would like to help nash logo if they are willing to change it if the community can create an awesome one.

You’re right. The team might not know what’s best. That’s why they approached professionals to help them determine a suitable rebrand. Many people and consulting firms were most likely consulted on this, and resources were spent to ensure their new brand was a smart move.

But yeah, let’s listen to the kneejerk reactions of inexperienced investors and backseat drivers with no experience of global brand marketing while they decide what’s best for the Nash brand. Screw professional consulting.



Honestly the first thing that came to mind when the new logo and name were revealed is Dash. Nash sounds like Dash and the logo looks like Dash’s logo. I really like the Dash logo though. The D looks like a link in a “chain” and also like a currency symbol, anyway maybe being similar to Dash is not necessarily a bad thing. :see_no_evil:

There is a reason the Community was not asked to help with the new name. The “Community” has complained about a lot of things the Team has / has not released I don’t think it would have mattered what the new name was as someone would still complain. This is why professionals were hired and not Keyboard Warriors.