Nash logo not showing in emails

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone else always getting this issue when they receive an email from Nash?

Its hard to look at and is quite off-putting


Click your right mouse button -> inspect element.
Check the link of the image. Open the link in a new tab.

You see the logo? -> Probably your mailserver (Gmail) is blocking images…
Don’t you see the logo? -> Send this error to Support at

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Thanks for the report this will be fixed.


appreciate the reply. But do you expect the lay person who is a new customer to Nash to do as you ask? Facebook, Amazon standard is needed. These things may be small but they are what help connect new people to the brand and retain them

haha true.
But i’m not asking a new customer to do that… haha
I’m only checking how come that the image isn’t working and that has to fixed, as we agree…