Nash Link

Hi Team, i’m curious, any shops applied for nash pay? And if so, maybe would be nice to make a referral page so we can order stuff there and support Nash.


It’s Nash Link. And there are “many in the pipeline”, so stay tuned!


I want to see what you’ve shared, it gives me error :confused: after pushing on the link:

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Hi Team,
Don’t need to say how good the progress/proces is going. I got one simple thing for the Nash Link Page. I think the little video showing, how to use NashLink is great. The only thing is, it is going way to quick for me. So basically just slowing down the video show much better in my opinion! Keep up the good work! @canesin

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There are a few questions in the comments section of Nash Link related post from yesterday and none of them got an answer;

Here are some interesting questions:

- Is this service supported for EU countries that don’t have Euro (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden…)?

- Could you receive crypto and accept cash via Nash Link?

This is more of a suggestion and a very good one. Often time I would share the gospel of Nash only to find out some of my acquaintances can’t use Nash in their country:

- Nash has a lot of services that vary from country to country. Could Nash help us by having a spot within Support on the website where we can enter a country and see what services are available?

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