Nash link, how do payouts work and how would a business handle refunds?

Am using Nash Link on a website soon to be launching :eyes:

I did a test production order and everything wen’t through great however I have two questions:

  1. In Nash Link dashboard I see the amount and it says payout X, to which account? (maybe I didn’t look hard enough but couldn’t find any documentation around this).
  2. How would you suggest refunding someone if they paid through Nash Link? As if the payment was through BTC you’d have to pay the transaction fee and would lose out on £.



I found this, might be useful:


Is NashLink coming to L2? this is the only way I see myself using it!
No tx fees for both customer and merc. who wants to refund.

Hopefully won’t have to refund but have to know how it’d be done incase I need to ever do it.

Be interesting to know how Nash store handles them if any of the team can comment on that.

Thanks that’s helpful. I guess it’d be something i’d do on a case by case basis and have to arrange with the buyer if I ever did a refund as Ideally I don’t want to be paying fees to refund a customer.


Typical practice for any business is that returns are made at the expense of the buyer. Though I would agree L2 would be the best solution for all sides.


Charges for returns are for shipping cost usually, and here if I understand right is going to be the transaction fee.

@con322 Just make it clear for your customers in what case they will pay for the shipping and transaction fee, and you should be all set. Also that payment return is going to be in crypto or currency received. Clear guidelines will save you from trouble. :handshake: