Nash League Season 2: $10,000 new prizes for $10M volume!

Nash League is a trading competition where users win prizes just by making trades on Nash. The more volume you generate, the bigger your prize share!

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:fire: Hype! Lower minimum trade limit, proportional rewards, more frequent milestones – several improvements, looks good @Anton!

The terms and conditions links to Season 1 though!

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Can you please elaborate on criteria for “new users”?

Are those considered as users that registered after the announcement or week before or longer? Are those considered as users that registered a while ago but haven’t made any trades so far?

There should be much more money for squad 3 and also in first 100M volume would be good to have money for squad 4 so that first 4 teams make volume all 30 days, here as I see if first 2 teams go high with volumes all others will stop making volume because team 3 will get small amount and others will not get any rewards. My suggestion would be to double size on squad 3 and what squad 3 have now give to squad 4.

Also there will be problem if there would be more smaller teams because season 1 was 80M, let say Season 2 will be same or more and if there is 2 times more smaller teams then after first 5-10 days 80% of people will end with making volume because they will not get any prize.

if every level unlocks a new position for ranked squads, reward the squad on this rank with 50% of this level’s prize and distribute the other 50% to all previously ranked squads.
lvl 1 → 100% to squad 1
lvl 2 → 75% to squad 2 and 25% to squad 1
lvl 3 → 66,6% to squad 3 and 16,6% to 1 and 2
lvl 3 → 62.5% to squad 4 and 12.5% to 1,2 and 3
the % is from the portion of the prize unlocked by each level.
This way there is incentive for ranked and unranked squads to continue trading.

They still get solo prizes this season, since you can compete in solo and squad at the same time.

But I do agree that the number of squads winning prizes is quite low. Maybe the prize allocation between squads can be the same as for solo prizes and within squad prizes → based on scaled volume by an exponent of 1.2. That way there won’t be a fixed number of winning squads but still competitive because of the exponent. Maybe an idea for season 3?

If I understand correctly all people who compete in squads will compete automatically in solo, correct? If so than all leading players in squad will take all solo money, meaning same people will get more money and majority of people in solo will stop producing volume. Correct me if I am wrong.

I would move squad 2 prize pool to start with 30 M volume, squad 3 to start with 50 M volume, squad 4 with 70 M volume, so if we get to 80 M as in season 1 than all people will make max volume in all 30 days.

In this scenario Squad 1 will lose interest in making volume after 5th lvl because reward is small for them and will only produce volume to stay first but will not make max volume.

Also for solo trading would be good to have much larger prize pool so that 2/3 or better all people from Season 1 that generate 10 K volume should get minimum 5$-10$ guaranteed so that all 1000+ people make at least 10 K volume and than will be extra motivated to produce max volume each day to obtain more prize money and all people will generate max volume all 30 days. Hope this suggestion is good, sorry for my bad English.

And for new users would be also great to have guaranteed on 10 K volume 5-10$, better 10$, so that people from other platforms come and collect this almost free 10$ and maybe some after 30 days see that Nash is very good exchange, where they will take much more interest in Nash, with good marketing this could be win win scenario.