Nash L2 as anonymization layer for L1

One fact, that prevents me from adding my friends to the contact list on nash is that I would expose my amount of funds held on my wallets to the public. If no one knows my address, I am virtually invisible, anonymous. Therefore, reducing the risk of being a victim of a hack or other scam. Sharing my public address with my friends disturbs my anonymity.

I think one solution for that could be enabling multiple addresses of the same blockchain connecting to my nash account. I would then share one of the addresses with my friends and keep one address private not known to anyone. I would feel comfortable sharing the “public” address and connect with friends, knowing that I do not keep most of my funds in there. When needed I would send the funds not directly to my other “private” address but rather via the L2 trading account. The transfer does not show on the blockchain and I would stay anonymous towards the wider public and still be KYCed and compliant. I think this is how people that ask for contribution or donation for their work do it. They do not expose their main address, right @fabibi @Nick ?

I think this could be an elegant solution how to bring anonymity on L1. This whole process can be simplified on nash to one single button “send anonymously” to my other address. Of course, I would have to pay some fees, but I would use it anyway. After all, no one knows how much money you have on your bank account right? What do you think?

One additional benefit is that you can choose to change your address if you feel like your private key was exposed. This happened to me when I had to copy and paste my private key. I am now not 100% sure that no one stored it. I’d rather change my address altogether.


I truly love this idea, great thinking :+1:

It might not be 100% sure to guarantee anonymity with the L2 layer (one might be monitoring the smart contracts, etc), but it would definitely work as a smoke screen to the average Joe, thus providing you with a decent amount of anonymity.

This I am less convinced it could work, but I’m not the blockchain expert. Good idea also!


right ! sending to Nash protocol contacts off chain is a no brainer

I would imagine that if you used the Nash fiat ramp exclusively and didn’t withdraw to wallet then you wouldn’t have any on chain transactions. Hence maintain privacy?

And… why would you need to withdraw anyway. It seems like trading, Nash pay and transfers to friends will eventually all be available from the trading contract.

^ agree
is it tech possible to deposit and withdrawal to a Nash “savings contract” … from “trading contract”? … without touching the "personal " ?

by extension could we allow nash savers to move between yielding pools and then go directly over the ME to fiat ? with their collateral earnings or whatever they choose to withdrawal ?

what about a nUSD token ?