Nash is sponsoring the North American Bitcoin Conference – get your free tickets!

Hi Nash Community – happy to be joining you here on this platform!

I’m pleased to announce that Nash is sponsoring the North American Bitcoin Conference, which will take place online, 28-29 January 2021.

You can learn more about the event here:

If you want to hear about some of the most exciting projects for 2021, just fill out a short survey here and we’ll get you a ticket!



Will anyone from the Nash team be amongs the speakers as well ?

Saw “Ben Fairbank” on the list, but that’s the wrong “Fairbank” :grin:.


I was not able to find any speaker from Nash team.
Why nash is sponsoring this event and is not a speaker there?

I have never seen any representative of citybank in a football stadium, even though they sponsored my team. :wink:

A lot of people wanted more ‘marketing’/advertising/promotions. Now when there is some, we should be happy about that. We dont need to start again giving our unqualified opinion about each and everything or question it all. Have some faith.
(Not directly talking to you or the above, just in general)

  • kellogg IS listed as a speaker!

Look again!



Yeah! Just finished my registration for the ticket.

Can’t wait to see Kellogg speak at the North American Bitcoin Conference.

Considering the different timezones, I hope there would be a YouTube recording of Kellogg’s talk

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It’s an online event this year so I’ll make sure the presentation is made available after the event


Under the “What’s your company name? “ I just answered “none”

Does this mean that I am not qualified?

I’m surprised to see no mention of Nash on the website?

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There should be a sponsor page on the website

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Hi Kellogg, it’s nice to have you on the Nash team.

I see you joined the team in October 2020 according to an article from cryptonews.

Maybe the team announced your arrival in a publication but since I don’t speak English I surely missed it.

I’ve been reviewing your resume, it’s really interesting and your experience is amazing, congratulations on your achievements at Braintree / Venmo.

I would like to know what motivated you to join Nash (and not create your own project since you are a successful entrepreneur), what potential you see in Nash and what are your short, medium and long term goals for this project.

We would like to know your vision about crypto, if you are an investor in a project and even when you met BTC (I, for example, met him in money laundering courses when I was a slave of Citibank).

We like having you here, we wish you much success and we will be supporting your management from the community, just tell us what we have to do and here we go.

Welcome! Successes!