Nash is a gold sponsor at ACM Conference- Oct19, alongside Facebook Calibra

@canesin said earlier that Libra and nash’s vision are aligned. This may spark a mutual agreement between two. Further, Nash will be gaining so much for this!

More info:

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They have Satoshi Nakamoto (pending confirmation) in there steering committee


This conference seems like a great opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest academical research and possibly approach some talented people to join the Nash team!


It’s not on the IACR calendar, it’s probably a farce this announcement

@elcontador are you saying AFT is fake? Simple search at IACR search engine gives you the answer you need. Pls dont call something a fake unless you really sure… :grin:

edit: i found one more by just searching in the IACR website… . just scroll around dude… it IS in the IACR Calendar Event!

My mistake was just to check this place

You’re right, thank you for clarifying.


hahaha nice one!