to list Elrond Assets on Fiat on-ramp, Payments & Exchange


Whenever I do research on Elrond, I get giddy with excitement…until I come across their community. What a stark difference in atmosphere between the Nash and Elrond Telegram. Their community reminds me of the 2017 bull run days where chats would fly so quickly with moonboys, you couldn’t even fit a question in. I’ve also seen their mods ban those who question the “inevitable moonshot” of ERD. I’m being a little hyperbolic with the flying chat bit, haha. It’s not that bad, but the general sentiment is definitely “this is making all of us millionaires overnight”.

As much as I’d like to invest in them and follow their project, I can’t help but feel like they’re using the 2017 playbook – spur community interest to the point of zealotry in order to push market cap. I’m conflicted though because, on the other hand, I’ve seen Ethan and other Nash team members publicly applaud Elrond’s efforts. They’re also funded by a couple firms who’ve supported Nash (NGC and Maven11).

Ah anyways, this probably isn’t the place to discuss these specifics. I’ll continue to monitor Elrond – you can’t deny that 10k+ TPS is a pretty big milestone for a blockchain.


I would just like to state my opinion about elrond x nash partnership and listing.

I truly believe this was the best approach so far regarding exposure for both communities when listing a coin/token as elrond was clearly showing positive social media communication and relations with nash. As well as allowing the great white (fabio) to do an AMA on their telegram. In the article elrond seemed professional and interested in maintaining a strong relation and having making sure ERD markets on nash will have liquidity/volume.

In summary elrond seems like a great asset to add that will have an impact to liquidity and volume once these markets start up and are running. This was more pleasant as an investor to watch rather than quant/argon/etc…