Nash in a few words 🤓

Nash is not a “ get rich quick “


I Love Nash :partying_face:


I love Nash too :blush:


Before I say this I prefix with I’m a long term Nash hodler and supporter.

Sometimes when Nash releases bullish news like securing licenses etc. I share the posts in various large community discords/telegrams to try to get that word of mouth spreading.

Pretty much 100% of the time outside of this forum, I get a negative response. I think its important for the purpose of improvement to have a balanced opinion which reveals your flaws, so I’m posting this so we can get visibility on what others outside of the Nash fanclub are saying:

  • “No volume”
  • “Too much KYC”
  • “Nash stablecoin, never moves. 2 years of hodling - sold”
  • “NEO abandoned them”
  • “Wow finally some action on Nash”
  • “Would love to get my money off the exchange. What’s the best dex for day trading bitcoin/usd. Was looking into NASH but the UI is awfull. Also doesn’t allow VPN and is not available in my state. On top of that, locked me out for not setting up 2FA. Good concept, bad functionality.”

Not really sure if its helpful, but just making sure this is not just a “NEX MOON” chant :slight_smile:

P.S. Go Nash!

I think it doesn’t help that crypto has become the absolute wild west thanks to AMMs and absolutely silly yield farming projects. Like – this is on par with the ICO era, imo.

Why would anyone stop to smell the roses when ‘mad gainz’ are popping up in every nook and cranny?

Stake NEX? Why would I do that when I can just…

Things are moving fast. Yields are out of control. Even the more legitimate and compliant lending platforms give 10%-15% APY on stablecoins. That’s insane.

For the average retailer who barely understands crypto, compare everything out there to Nash and we begin to maybe seem…average? Nash tech is impressive, the products offered are fantastic, the branding is good…but we don’t have 15% yields. Or Uniswap-style swapping. Seems like people aren’t willing to pay attention because the highly dubious competition offers so much more now.

But I believe Nash’s compliant path will win out. I think it’s inevitable that finance moves towards a digital future, and Nash is positioning themselves to be on the court when that happens rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Try not to take the negative reactions to heart. It’s honestly hard to blame people with what crypto looks like right now.

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Nash will be 50$ and there will be negative people anyway.