Nash IEO idea

With Binance requiring a 20 day ownership of BNB tokens in order to participate in their Launchpad, it got me thinking of another benefit that Nash could give to users who choose to lock up their NEX tokens. Here are two examples of the same underlining concept:

  1. Only people who have at least 200 NEX tokens locked up for a year can participate in the IEOs being launched through Nash.

  2. If a project is raising lets say 5 million through Nash, the first 2 million are set aside for everyone who has at least 2,000 Nex tokens locked up with an individual limit of $3,000 per person. The next 2 million are then made available to anyone staking any amount on NEX with an individual limit of $2,000 a person. The final 1 million would be made available to anyone regardless if they have Nex tokens locked up with an individual limit of $1,000 per person.

These are just rough ideas, but the overall concept is to give people another benefit of staking tokens by rewarding them through IEO benefits. As someone who plans to stake Nex, this would be great to have another incentive. Also, this would keep the available supply even lower as more people would want to lockup their token. What do you guys think? Would especially love to hear from the team
P.S Nash Rules

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The issue I have with this is simply that it’s too restrictive. I feel the Binance model is aimed at benefiting those who ‘have’ and not providing equal opportunity to everyone. In fact, theirs is even more weighted to people who have more BNB.

I prefer a lottery model to a “first come, first serve” model by far, but I think anyone, regardless of how much BNB or NEX etc you hold and how long you’ve held it for, should have an equal chance of getting into an IEO/ICO/STO whatever we’re calling them now.

If NEX’s initial token sale operated this way then as someone who was brand new to crypto at the time and held nothing, I would have had zero chance to be involved in this awesome project. I just think it should not be so restrictive and only rewarding those who are already invested in this space.


Ahhhh. I see what you’re saying. Perhaps just a small advantage to the token holders. So for example, everyone could participate in the IEO but those who have over one thousand nex locked up for a year or more would have a little bit bigger of a personal cap that they could participate with.

That actually makes more sense to me. It still allows anyone to have a chance, but provides a small benefit to token holders.

based on all the announcements from co founders , the only purpose of nex token is to receive staking rewards. I don’t they can keep changing the definition of security token like a utility token such as bnb or kcs

Great idea and this will increase demand for NEX tokens.
but i think implementation will take time… q3-q4 2019… if team agrees

@nicefox, not correct! The team never ruled out a utility for NEX tokens. As a matter of fact, NEX tokens already have utility - you need to have at least one to post comments on here.

@Roberto947, the idea makes sense. I think the team will come up with something reasonable. They always do. Don’t forget that Binance is actually the one copying Nash. If you participated in their lottery and ICO, you’d remember that it was done seamlessly on their launch pad and rated the best and fairest ICO (more appropriately, a security offering) ever.

Perhaps a qualification to participate in any opportunity on Nash may simply be to hold just one NEX token…
Anyway, I am confident that the team is excellent at handling stuff like this in the fairest possible manner.

Looking forward to 31st March :+1: