Nash has the most sophisticated community in the history of crypto!

The glitch today was an opportunity to gain further insights into the disposition of the community, investors, and the team.

Nash is pioneering revolutionary ideas in fintech and cryptography, and the community and investors appreciate the complexity of the problems that Nash aims to solve. This was demonstrated today by the patience and show of support by the community.

Personally, I haven’t found a more competent and professional team in this niche area of fintech, and so, the temporary delay doesn’t bother me. Not to say that I am not very excited in anticipation of the MVP. The team has been transparent about the challenge and now has it under control, which is reassuring.

I will raise a toast to Nash sometime next week when we launch. Best wishes to the team and community. Hope the team gets some quality rest. No rush!


This is my first post and I just joined today.

In regards to the above, I will add that NASH is a fledgling project. How NASH handled circumstances like yesterdays missed launch date will calculate into whether or not their community grows.

The word “community” in crypto is a bit long in the tooth, but in my opinion, considering NASHs’ founders roots it probably is fundamental to its ethos, purpose, and eventual financial world domination (there I said it).

I was proud of the teams honesty and ownership of the unforeseen difficulties that plagued them yesterday. If they had listened to " the dark side " they could blamed it all on AWS, and for most of us, we would have just drank that Kool aide.

However, albeit a bit late, and I imagine in a groggy state, we were updated.

Putting myself in the teams shoes I surmise, its hard to find the words to inform us amongst soo much chaos on day like yesterday.

Its a cliche, but honesty is the best policy. I saw that yesterday and for that reason NASH got me as a new community member.

Now, “use the force” and fix these issues. And update us as soon as you find the right words.