Nash fee structure competitive with binance?

(Kwicks) #1

Hi everyone

I am wondering what your thoughts are about the fee structure of nash.

With nash high volume traders are able to reduce the fee down to 0.13%.
With binance traders only have 0.1% fee and only 0.05% when holding BNB.

What is the incentive for high volume traders to use nash? Am I missing something?

(I am aware of the withdrawal fees on binance but this is not necessarily a factor because traders maybe withdraw rarely)

(FCC) #2

Binance fees are on the two sides of the market. Nash fees are just on takers.

(EC) #3

Binance charges fees for both Makers and Takers (using your example, every trade Binance collects 0.2% (0.1 + 0.1) in fees, whilst Nash only charges takers.