Nash FAQ / Anti-FUD article

Those are market makers but people who don’t understand talks rubbish things

I agree, the emphasis should not be DEX. This article should emphasize where Nash is positioned in regard to other crypto companies. Nash is a Robust, secure, legal tool to participate and invest in the blockchainspace because it leverages all the benefits of the blockchain. then explain why (no custodial, provable fair, legal security, legal dividends, no shady taxhavens.)


I think fees can be an easy target for confusion and fud. It would be nice to have a clear infographic/article explaining this. Something like this:

Most people don’t understand this right off the bat.

Also, the question of fees from transactions to a state channel being more expensive should also be tackled.

(By the way, I’m still feeling like we should hide the fees or at least hide the USD equivalent.)


Might be that operational speed is gonna be an FUD target. Offcourse the trading itself is superfast (as a CEX) ,Is the transfer of funds into the trading contracts and back superfast (microseconds) as well? If not this can easily be explained as a positive feature. (We trade a bit of speed for much more safety.)

Also communication --> "what is the opinion/position of Nash? with the recent TRON Scam and Binance reaction you will have to deal with projects that fail, get hacked, change coin supply or rules. How are you gonna deal with these things in a “decentralized exchange”? simply delist them? Who’s gonna decide? is there a centralized company controlling the decentralized exchange? Who will be the spokesman/woman?

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Thanks for the suggestions. Am closing the thread now.