So I was about to add a limit buy order on Nash exchange and I gotta say for a minute there I was put off by the fee:


I made many transactions on Binance (before switching to Nash :rocket:) and I know I’ve paid a lot in fees, but since they’re never displayed, I don’t think about them too much.

I think Nash should have the same strategy: maybe a good compromise would be to have them folded in and displayed only by clicking button or label.


yeahhhh let’s just hide that.


Honestly putting the fee into a drop-down isn’t a terrible idea or a box to “show/hide show fees” with a hide default? You’re right I don’t even think of fees when using Binance or anything.

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Me again, posting about fees. After all, they’re what it’s all about :slight_smile:

So here’s my interface when wanting to sell some NEO to USDC (:raised_hands:):

Please tell me if I’m mistaken, but since I’m creating a limit sell order above the highest buy order, I can only be considered a maker, so I won’t be paying any fee, correct? To be exact, the only way I’d be paying the $0.17 fee is if the market shifts in the split seconds before my order reaches the order book (and my limit sell order becomes lower than the highest buy order). But this is very unlikely, unless I’m creating an order close to current market price (and then it’s my fault for doing so and “not being quicker” at creating it).

All in all, this is IMO one more argument to hide the fees.

Yes that would be considered a maker order, so no fees.

If you want to make sure you are doing a maker order and not taker (in case of the market shift), you can turn on the ‘Post only’ option. With post only turned on, it will also tell you the fee is zero.

On the main subject of the topic, I don’t have a very strong opinion. I appreciate transparency, so I like it that the fees are clearly visible. But I can also imagine that not everyone realizes those fees only apply if it’s a taker order (eventhough you can click on fee and see the fee structure).

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