Nash extension - withdrawals


I am not sure if this was covered here. If I connect to the exchange using Nash extension and for example sell something to ETH or BTC how will I be able to withdraw funds?
Isn’t Nash extension only NEP-5 compatible? Or will there be an option to withdraw to my public address being it ETH, BTC or other ?
For example when using Switcheo exchange I can connect with Neon wallet for all NEP-5 token trades or Metamask for ERC-20 and ETH pairs trading.
Basically how can the funds be withdrawn if they are not NEP-5?


You can think of the extension like your Ledger it contains private keys for all of the supported blockchains and therefore you can deposit or withdraw anything that’s supported. Nash is blockchain agnostic and is not dependant on any one specific blockchain, the NEX token is NEP-5 and relies on the NEO blockchain however the team has stated that should the need arise in the future the NEX token can be migrated to another blockchain i.e. from NEO to Ethereum NEP-5 to ERC-20. The same goes for the staking contract it’s been published on the NEO blockchain but there’s nothing stopping the team publishing it on Ethereum or any other chain in the future.


In short, nash will support all kinds of chains. Not only ERC-20, NEP-5, or ZIL, but ALL chains…