Nash Extension Issue "Seems like there is a connectivity problem"

(Eswar Maruri) #1

I am getting the below issue when trying access Nash extension. Is there anyone having the same issue?

After i click testnet and then mainnet , it looks fine.

But when i open it fresh, again i see message "

Refreshing doesn’t load the extension. Please check and let us know.

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(Fabibi) #2

Workaround :

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(Eswar Maruri) #3

I figured it out. Thanks! But what about the issue? Is the team looking into it?


(Eswar Maruri) #4

Also last time when i checked, it used to show Nex price. Now its not showing it. There is something wrong with extension. Or the team is working on it.


(Eswar Maruri) #5

Thanks Nash team for fixing the issue. It works like a charm now !!! :slight_smile:

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