Nash extension and exchange connection (confusion)


I saw more people having this problem, including me. I have my extension with funds on it and thought I would be able to seamlessly connect to the exchange, but this was not the case.

2 options from here:

  1. create a new account for exchange
  2. there is an option I don’t know about where you can connect extension and exchange.

The Extension is an alpha product. It uses an old accounts system that is not compatible with the new platform.

Eventually we hope to integrate the web platform accounts with the Nash Community. But yes, you will have to make a new account.

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But it seems that you can still use your previous created account. Is that the account used for BETA testing?

You do have to create new wallets though.

You can use the account you created for the referral program. That is part of the new accounts system.

Ah, it was the referral program account. Thanks :+1: