"Nash Exchange Trade Volume" & "Volume by Market Pair" discussion

Let’s discuss 2 things in this topic:

  • Nash Exchange Trade Volume
  • Nash Volume by Market Pair

Seems like volume is going up last couple of days.
Bots ?

Seems like LINK/ETH is the most popular trading pair (half of the total volume), followed by NEO/ETH (22% of the total volume).



I want to discuss BTC pairs. :money_mouth_face:

Nash volume has been trending up since the addition of LINK, just imagine what will happen when BTC pairs are added.


that’s when the big boys come out to play.

Volume figures should not be taken seriously until BTC and a popular stable coin are listed on the exchange, this should be the team priority
Until these 2 assets are listed I don’t consider the exchange really launched

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Agreed…if they add a smart market maker program on top the sky is the limit :slight_smile:

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Great post!
I like to see the trade volume visualized like this, would be great to update something like this on a semi regular basis to track how the exchange volume is going!


you can track it here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/nash?utm_content=nash&utm_medium=search_exchange&utm_source=coingecko#statistics


Another victim of a “market order” on Nash with turned off liquidity bots. No volume since then. This is VERY bad.


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What happened here, someone didn’t know what they were doing?

What goes up, must go down…?

no volume on LINK-ETH pair. image

The only way is up ! :arrow_up: :+1: :smiley:


We are over 100k trade volume. Nice :+1:
Keep on going now. Next target: 200k.


cool, great. I will trade some more this week!