Nash Exchange Staking Contract


(Tom) #1

We’re proud to release our staking contract to the public today! Source code is available here:

We have not deployed this contract to Neo mainnet yet, so you can’t stake your tokens yet! But this will of course be live for exchange launch.

Please note that staking dividends and distributions are handled by the matching engine rather than this contract. Either way, I’m happy to answer any questions the community has.

Thanks as always for your support and feedback!

(Tandem) #2

Bravo! =)

(Alex Forward) #3

Good time to address these questions/concerns maybe:

(Peter) #4

Appreciate the hard work you guys do!

The community complains but at the end of the day, they’re extremely grateful to have the opportunity to invest in such a project.

Keep up the great work Thomas, and please pass gratitude onto the rest of the team.

(Neogasrpx) #5

This is not the thread to demand answers and complain, take a moment to celebrate this amazing accomplishment by the team! Bravo Thomas and team, looking forward to seeing the staking contract go live! :tada:

(Jarek Mace) #6

Great news Team ! !

(Patos29) #7

:man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing: lets go Nash!

(Lavalamp) #8

Go Nash! :nash_n:

(Nex Azure) #9



nash-tastic :grinning::rocket:

(Sean D) #11

Congratulations nash team, great achievement that should be celebrated by this community. This is another step closer for nash and the community to being able to use a platform and be rewarded for using the product.

(Kwicks) #12

Thank’s nash-team for your great Work!!
You guys are awesome.

(Dead Pool 56) #13

Great job guys. :muscle:

(K9) #14

Uhh I am so excited :smiley:


if amount % STAKE_MODULUS != 0:
        raise Exception("Must be divisible by 100000000")

Basically it means we can only stake “round” numbers like 1, 2, 5, 10, 100, 200, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, etc?

(Amora Brava) #15

Awesome! I am glad things are building up slowly! Step by step!! Thank you

(Crypto Eks) #16

is equal to 1 NEX.

(K9) #17

Maybe I misunderstood but 1 NEX?

1 mod 2 = 1
1 mod 500 = 1
100000000 mod 1 = 0
100000000 mod 2 = 0
100000000 mod 5 = 0
100000000 mod 10 = 0
and so on?
It says if result is not equal to zero raise the exception else return amount right?

(Crypto Eks) #18

if the left over from deviding the amount by the STAKE_MODULUS is not equal to 0 it raises an error.
the amount is always multiplied by 100,000,000 in NEP5 so that the contract doesnt have to deal with decimals. ie. 1 NEX’s amount is equal to 100,000,000 in the “eyes” of the contract.

(Tom) #19

Yep, that’s correct!

no staking 1.000000001 tokens unfortunately :smile:

(Tom) #20

Neo Global Development ( NGD ) does currently run the most consensus nodes, though this is slowly changing. COZ also runs one along with Dutch Telecom provider KPN. There are I think 2 more entities preparing their nodes on testnet, and once they are stable they’ll be coming on line. When that is complete, NGD nodes would need collaboration from non NGD nodes in order to cheat the network.

In regards to network issues with NEO, we’re well aware of them and have been pushing for changes for some time to improve stability. Either way, we’ve designed our protocol in a way that even if NEO is not running properly, the exchange will function almost the same as normal, with the exception being that deposits and withdrawals would be delayed.

With regards to NEO being a component of our name, this is no longer an issue with the new name :wink: